Solar Panel Cleaning in Gloucestershire

It is important not to use harsh materials when cleaning solar panels as this could cause long lasting damage, this is why we use the reach and wash system when cleaning solar panels, the same technique for our chemical free window cleaning.


Many people question, do solar panels need cleaning? – the answer is yes. Depending on the type of solar panel you have, it may need to be cleaned weekly or monthly. Your solar panel manufacturer should be able to advise you on this for solar panel cleaning.


Rooftop solar panels get dirty primarily from wind-blown dust and pollen. As panels get dirtier, their output declines. A small amount of soiling — say a light dusty film — may only cause a 5 percent output decline. However, when panels get very dirty — perhaps in an agricultural area output decline can be greater than 20 percent. Panels that are tilted at about 5 degrees or less, the rain may leave a puddle of muddy debris along the lower edge of the panel. When this puddle dries, sometimes a thick layer of dirt accumulates along the lower row of cells (sometimes moss and weeds may even grow in these areas). Depending on the design of the system, this small accumulation of dirt can cause a very significant decrease in output.


How often should you get your solar panels cleaned really depends on a number of factors: your location, the tilt angle of your panels (steeply tilted panels tend to stay much cleaner than panels that are close to horizontal), the amount of wind blown dust, your electric rate (if your electric rate is high then it is more worthwhile to clean your panels).

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