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At RC Professional Cleaning, we look forward to giving you the very best service and attention. We are a family run local business not a franchise.

All prices are freely given by text, telephone or email and are fully inclusive. Our professional cleaning service provides a high standard of cleaning with every job, making sure your living areas look as good as new, at a fantastic price that you can afford!

Our carpet cleaning services covers the whole house including the living room, bedrooms, stairs,  upholstery, car seats and even interiors of caravans . Your carpets will look as good as new, so relax whilst we nurse your carpets back to life. 

RC Professional Cleaning Services offer Carpet Cleaning in Gloucestershire, this covers Worcestershire, Forest of Dean, Monmouth, Ross and Hereford, Evesham, Tetbury, Malmesbury, Swidom, South Gloucestershire, Stroud, North Bristol and East Oxfordshire.

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At RC Professional Cleaning Services no Carpet Cleaning job is too small or big. We offer small scale home carpet cleaning as well as industrial and corporate carpet cleaning. Builders cleans are available as well as end of tenancy cleans.  

Give your business the best foot forward by giving it a facelift. We are able to clean your carpets and upholstery overnight so your usual business hours are not affected.

How Will Your Carpets be Cleaned?

You can’t beat the power or the heat and the almost endless water supply from a truck mount carpet cleaner, portables have to constantly fill up.

The truck mount carpet cleaners have their own solution tanks, cleaning products and waste tanks that are mounted on the vehicle, there is no need for an exterior power or water source to carry out the cleaning operation.

All the dirty water containing the soil is vacuumed into the waste tank mounted on the vehicle.

Truck mount extractors remove soil, chemicals and pollen from carpets easier than portables because suction is stronger and the water gets heated to a higher temperature.

The industry say that a truck mount is at least three times faster than using the portables,
When we clean your carpet we spray first with chemicals, we also spot clean and stains, then we agitate to work the chemicals deep into the carpet.and then we clean with the truck mount, (leaving the carpet only slightly damp), we then can scotchguard your carpets if you have chosen this as an option.


Here are a few questions people may have about the carpet cleaning service we provide, here at RC Cleaning.

Carpets absorb all sorts of nasty things including chemical contamination, outdoor pollutants, pesticides, biocontaminants, allergens, volatile organic compounds, combustion products, asbestos, dust mites, bacteria, grease and oil deposits, sand, soil and food particles.

Regular carpet cleaning will help to remove these contaminants leading to a healthier element for you and your family.

For people with allergies or breathing-related conditions such as asthma, doctors recommend carpets, upholstery and curtains be professionally cleaned every 3 to 6 months.

For general carpet cleaning on an average use residential carpet, we suggest cleaning every 12 months.

Yes,we have £1,000,000 Public Liability Insurance.

We can move certain items of furniture, but are limited due to health and safety legislation. As such, if you have any items of furniture that you definitely need moved, it is best to do this prior to our arrival e.g. wardrobes and double beds.
It would be very helpful if prior to arrival you can remove items on the floor from areas to be cleaned e.g. shoes, toys etc. Also, if you have valuable items on any pieces of furniture that will require moving, could you please move these to a safe location.
As an option we can apply a protective coating to your carpet, which adds a moisture-resistant barrier to each individual fibre. This barrier means that spills aren’t immediately absorbed into the carpet and gives you an extra period of time to clean it up.

Additionally, this protective coating on your carpet helps reduce the wear and abrasion caused by soil in the carpet and protects it from excessive matting, which in turn will cause your carpet to perform better.

Unless specifically requested, the price quoted will be for deep cleaning and stain treatment, and would not include any carpet maintenance treatments. You will also be offered a quote with and without stain protection
Drying time will vary depending on the thickness of your carpet, weather conditions and air circulation in your home. Normally your carpets will be dry in 4 to 12 hours.

We accept BACS, cash or cheque.

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